Baton Rouge Trip 3/22/2017

Day 1 (Sunday 3/19): Travel day, we watched 4 movies on the 16 hour bus ride. We stopped at the resturant Zaxby’s, and we traveled through Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Day 2 (Monday 3/20): Food bank- we went to Greater Baton Rouge which is a food bank. We helped put food into boxes [more…]

Day 5 Washington D.C.

Day 5 in Washington D.C. was a very busy day. It was our last day of service and we went to Martha’s table to work in their thrift shop. I helped price items, restock items, and helped bag peoples purchased items. It was a very interesting service activity that I have never done before. I [more…]

Day 4 Washington D.C.

Today I went to Nourish Now in Rockville, Maryland! We helped rescue food from restaurants and grocery stores by re-boxing them to give out to families in need of them. Nourish Now looked really small but they seemed to make a big impact on the community by getting a lot of food brought in. After [more…]

Day 3 Washington D.C.

Today was a long day. In the morning I helped partake in a food bank where we helped package damaged food that could be used to give to¬†people in need. Then we went and saw the White House! After we toured around we finished the day off with our service dinner where we fed many [more…]

Day 2 Washington D.C.

Made it through our first day at YSOP! I helped serve food at a soup kitchen for homeless people in the local area. It was interesting to listen to the different stories that the locals had to share. Also I got to see the capital building, the library of congress, and Chinatown!