D.C. Day 1 – Martha’s Table

Today was our first day working with YSOP in Washington, D.C.  We arrived early in the morning for orientation and then got into our assigned groups and parted ways. My group was headed to Martha’s Table. Martha’s Table is an organization that provides a variety of services to the homeless. Their main goals are to [more…]

D.C. Day 3 – Unique Residential Care Center

Today was one of my favorite service days. We started our morning at the Unique Residential Care Center. The U.R.C.C is a nursing home that is dedicated to high quality healthcare services and providing their residents with the environment they need in order to achieve the most homelike atmosphere. Our job was to go around [more…]

D.C. Day 2 – Capital Area Food Bank

It is day 2 in D.C. and today is going to be a long one. We started our morning by heading to the Capital Area Food Bank. The Capital Area Food Bank is one of the largest organizations in the D.C. area that is constantly working to fight back against hunger. With so many community [more…]

D.C. Day 4 – Seabury Resources for Aging

Today was our last day of service. My group went to Seabury Resources for Aging, an organization that provides free to affordable support systems for older adults and their families. Our task of the day was to help an elderly woman with some of her yard work. We did simple things such as pulling weeds, [more…]