Louisiana 3/20-23

For my second trip with Alternative Spring Break we took a long drive down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Last August this area suffered from a thousand year flood that claimed 13 lives and cost $15 billion in property damage. On our first day we arrived at the Greater Baton Rouge Good Bank, helping sort through [more…]

Service Day 3: Washington D.C.

The third service day my group teamed up with Capitol Area Food Bank. The food bank was in a large warehouse and well organized. Workers from Ikea were also volunteering that day so we got a lot done. Mostly it was just sorting food into bins depending on their labels. It was interesting to see [more…]

Service Day 2: Washington D.C.

The second day of service was one of my favorites. YSOP put us in touch with Alex from Seabury, an organization focused on preventing and  helping the elderly who are experiencing homelessness. I liked that they not only helped those suffering, but also tried to prevent it. We did yard work and household chores for [more…]

Service Day 1: Washington D.C.

The first service day my group traveled to a local church in the area around DuPont Circle, a well-to-do part of D.C. There we worked with Iona Senior Services to set up a free Farmers Market for senior citizens. The produce was donated by farmers who had odd shaped crops that could not be sold [more…]