Louisiana 3/20-23

For my second trip with Alternative Spring Break we took a long drive down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Last August this area suffered from a thousand year flood that claimed 13 lives and cost $15 billion in property damage. On our first day we arrived at the Greater Baton Rouge Good Bank, helping sort through [more…]

Service Day 3: Washington D.C.

The third service day my group teamed up with Capitol Area Food Bank. The food bank was in a large warehouse and well organized. Workers from Ikea were also volunteering that day so we got a lot done. Mostly it was just sorting food into bins depending on their labels. It was interesting to see [more…]

Service Day 2: Washington D.C.

The second day of service was one of my favorites. YSOP put us in touch with Alex from Seabury, an organization focused on preventing and ¬†helping the elderly who are experiencing homelessness. I liked that they not only helped those suffering, but also tried to prevent it. We did yard work and household chores for [more…]

Service Day 1: Washington D.C.

The first service day my group traveled to a local church in the area around DuPont Circle, a well-to-do part of D.C. There we worked with Iona Senior Services to set up a free Farmers Market for senior citizens. The produce was donated by farmers who had odd shaped crops that could not be sold [more…]