D. C.-Service Day 4

For our last day of service we worked cleaning up the yard of a woman who could no longer complete the full amount of yard care on her own. The company we volunteered with helps elderly who are homeless to find homes as well as helping those who already have homes to maintain the upkeep [more…]

D.C.-Service Day 3

For our third service project we worked in a nursing home facility. The group that I was split into spent the morning painting the nails of residents who wanted their nails done. I enjoyed having conversations with each lady whose nails I painted about their experiences growing up in DC and their families. Although these [more…]

D.C.-Service Day 2

Today we worked at the Central Area Food Bank. I was in a group tasked with separating the good food items from the bad. In order to make it into the ‘good’ food pile the package had to be unopened and had to have the ingredients listed. The food we sorted would then be redistributed [more…]

D.C.-Service Day 1

For our first service day we began by becoming familiar with the background for the YSOP organization, splitting into our teams (GO BLUES CRUISE), and getting our work assignments for the week. Team Blues Cruise’s first assignment was working at Martha’s Table. Martha’s Table works to provide food, clothes, and education to children and older [more…]