YSOP Dinner

On Tuesday YSOP gave us the opportunity to make provide a dinner and interact with people experiencing homelessness, as well as a group of eighth graders. The eighth graders that helped make the dinner alongside us were from a school which valued and required service projects and were with YSOP for an out-of-classroom experience. We [more…]

Seaburry resources for the aging

Seaburry resources for the aging is a program which provides different services for low-income and homeless elderly. Our group only helped with a small portion of what they do. We helped landscape a woman’s yard and did housework for her. This impacted me because I did not realize that these services were important. To me, [more…]

Iona Fresh Produce Market

Today my group helped with the Iona Organization to provide a fresh produce market style buffet. Each person could pick from a variety of vegetables and apples up to three items with unlimited turnips. I helped to sort out the turnips and decide which ones were good enough to provide. I thought that the fresh [more…]

Jessica Triplett blog 3

Our trip has now come to an end and I cannot explain how humbled and grateful I am for this experience. I was able to lend my hand in helping those who are in need and do so with a group of great people. My eyes were opened by so much I saw, that I [more…]

Wednesday in New Orleans

Today was the hottest day of the trip so far. The sun was shining for most of the day! I worked on chipping and repainting the railing on one of the United Saints’ buildings. This was not such a fun job to do in the sun. As we were working our site supervisor would come [more…]

Tuesday in New Orleans

Being in New Orleans so far working with the United Saints organization has been an incredible experience. Today was our second day of volunteer work. I spent my time gutting the inside of a home which had been badly burned. During the house fire the home owner unfortunately lost her daughter and her dog. As [more…]