Baton Rouge 3/21/17

We woke up around 6am this morning to eat breakfast and get ready to leave for the All Hands Base. All Hands is a disaster relief non-profit that helps communities that have been affected by natural disasters. They are currently helping in Detroit, Baton Rouge, Nepal, and many other locations. We had a brief introduction [more…]

Baton Rouge 3/20/17

After a long 16 hour trip, we arrived at Camp Istrouma outside of Baton Rouge. This was the first service day for us and we went to the Greater Baton Rouge food bank and the boys and girls club at a local school. At the food bank we were first given a tour of the [more…]

Service Day 3: Washington D.C.

We had an early wake up call again but I feel asleep right as we got back from the service dinner the night before and was well rested. We hopped on the metro and rode to the station where a van waited for us. We rode in the van to the Capital Area Food Bank. [more…]

Service Day 2: Washington D.C.

We had to wake up pretty early for the second service day but I was too excited to be tired. We rode the metro and rode in a van to a place called Seabury. Seabury is a service for senior citizens that aren’t able to do chores for themselves but don’t want to leave their [more…]

Service Day 1: Washington D.C.

The first service day was an awesome way to start the trip. I was in a group with five other members from ASB and we volunteered at Iona senior services. The staff members at Iona senior services were very relaxed and passionate about what they were doing for the community. We started off by setting [more…]