Washington D.C -Day Five

Our last day was a free day to do whatever we wanted in D.C! Throughout the week we visited the national monuments, china town, Georgetown, the riverside, and tons of cool shops and restaurants. We ate really good food and the coffee shops were amazing! I took away a lot from this trip and really [more…]

Washington D.C -Day Four

Today was our last day at a service site. My group went to Martha’s Table. Martha’s Table actually took up an entire block in D.C. They had multiple buildings each one providing a different service. One building provided food for the homeless, one provided child care, and the one we worked out gave away clothing [more…]

Washington D.C -Day Three

Today we went to an organization located in Maryland! We had some difficulties finding the building but we eventually made it to Noursih Now. They are a non-profit organization that takes left over food from restaurants and caterers and extra food from groceries stores and stores the food and then hands it out to those [more…]

Washington D.C -Day Two

Today we went to the D.C Capital Food Bank. This was a huge organization and had a much different atmosphere compared to the church we went to yesterday. The site had a large storage room with a conveyor belt filled with food. The Food Bank receives donations from groceries stores and then sorts this food [more…]

Washington D.C -Day One

When we first arrived in D.C I was extremely eager to get moving. This was my third time visiting D.C but I was so excited for this new experience and to see a side of D.C that tourists never get to see. After we got settled in our hotel we ate dinner down by china [more…]