D.C. Day 3- Capital Area Food Bank

During the third day of the ASB Bearcats leaving our mark in the nation’s capital, my team energetically worked hand in hand with another volunteer group from Ikea at the Capital Area Food Bank. This organization located in the Washington metro area is working towards solving hunger and its companion problems that include chronic undernutrition, heart [more…]

D.C. Day 2- Seabury Resources for the Aging

On Tuesday, my team worked alongside a private organization known as Seabury Resources for the Aging. This organization’s mission is to provide personalized, affordable services and housing options to help older adults in the greater Washington, D.C. area live with independence and dignity to keep them beyond the step of experiencing homelessness. That day I [more…]

D.C. Day 1- Iona Senior Services

It’s early in the morning of day one as my team eagerly navigated our way through the metro and the streets of Washington, D.C. to our first designation at the St. Alban’s Episcopal Church.  There the Iona Senior Services Organization holds the key to the success of the volunteer program that is ran in that [more…]