Day 4

We spent our last day volunteering with Martha’s Table the merchandising side. It reminded me of a goodwill. We spent the first hour of our shift hanging up shirts in a back room and then rotating them out on to the sales floor. They were really strict on what got hung up on what hangers [more…]

Day 3

Today was the day that we took a trip to Maryland and spent time packing meals for families. The organization was funded purely on donations. Whether that be from restaurants or from those more fortunate. Our job was to sort through the fruit and make sure it was all fresh and that it could be [more…]

Day 2

We arrived at Capital City Food Bank and our group was split into two groups. I was in charge of resorting the food that the group before us incorrectly sorted. We were given three bins and told to separate what could be eaten from that which was spoiled. The spoiled food would be feed to [more…]

Day 1

This morning we attended an orientation. During the orientation we discussed what we would be doing this week. We also wrote letters to ourselves answering the following questions, “Last time I saw a homeless person, I felt…” After we were finished with Orientation we split into our groups and left for our volunteer sites. My [more…]

Day One

Quite an adventurous day! Walked around New York! Now realize u could never pay me enough to live here! Volunteering tomorrow!