Kaitlin G.

Kaitlin G.

I'm a Freshman at Northwest and this is my first time traveling with ASB.

Chips workday

On our last day of work with YSOP, my group went to chips in Brooklyn. Chips is a shelter and kitchen bit also gives out food to make meals like a pantry. We helped to prepare bags for take home meals and prepared for lunch. When the people got there,a split up into our separate [more…]

New York Pantry

Today my group worked at the food pantry in Harlem. Tuesday is their one day of the week they have to prepare for the rest of the well when they give out food to 2,000 families in need. Tuesday is the say the get their shipment so we helped them date boxes, rotate the boxes [more…]

Work Day at Immaculate Conception

Today my group worked at a soup kitchen at Immaculate Conception church in the Bronx. It was a great experience and it was great to see how appreciative the people were. There were so many more people than I thought there would be and the quality of the food was much better than I thought [more…]