Alaina F.

Alaina F.

I'm a freshman at Northwest majoring in Psychology with a minor in Child and Family Studies. I have a passion for volunteering and serving others.

last day here!

we started out the day touring central park. it was absolutely gorgeous, I could of spent all day there because its so relaxing and peaceful and people aren’t crowding you all the time. then we went to times square to shop and eat. I ate at the hard rock cafe and it was amazing and [more…]

the overall experience

the trip overall was absolutely amazing, I loved being able to make a difference in New York by volunteering. it was definitely eye opening seeing what the homeless have to go through every single day and it makes you feel blessed for what you have. I loved being able to sight see. I got to [more…]

last day of volunteering

today my group went to the trinity lutheran church and cut potatoes and bagged onions for a future meal, then we started to serve people coming in. we served 217 people and I was on bagel and juice duty, then we cleaned up and set up shelves for the food pantry. people came in and [more…]

day 3 of volunteering

today my group went to chips in Brooklyn , which was a soup kitchen. I dyed easter eggs then when they guests came, I was on coffee duty. after that we went to union square to get some food before we went back to ysop. when we got there, we got into different groups to [more…]

Day 2 of Volunteering

Today we went straight to our work sites and my group went to St. James Cathedral . The church was completely gorgeous and the volunteers that helped at the church were really nice. At first I filled bags with toiletries and then served food to the guests. I loved knowing were in the upper east [more…]

Day 1 of Volunteering

Today my group volunteered at a church food pantry and stocked bags of food, onions, and bread. I wish we could of served food to the homeless but I’m still glad we made a difference. I was shocked to know that people come to get food for free and sell it for money. That makes [more…]

Day 1

today was amazing, even thought we didn’t volunteer today   took the subway, got some lunch, seen boys dance for money, went to 9/11 memorial, went to wall street to see NY stock exchange, took subway to times square so everyone could eat and shop, then we took subway back to hostelling. the 9/11 memorial [more…]