YSOP New York

I am finally home after a long day of traveling from New York back to good ole Missouri. The trip was amazing, and I could not image doing anything else for my Spring Break. This week I have learned so much. The two words I can describe this week would be inspiring and meaningful. The trip was inspiring because I met many wonderful people who volunteer every day to help feed the homeless and hungry. They fill food pantries, make delicious meals, and help the lives of many. The love and kindness that they give to others is inspiring. The trip was meaningful in the way I grew from it. I leanred so much more about the world around me, and was able to experience so many different things in such a short amount of time. I learned patience, kindness, an open-mind, and optimism. If more people put in the effort to help others our country would be in a lot better shape.  Overall New York was a fast pace, crazy, crowded city, but I had an experience that created so many cherished memories that I cannot wait to go on my next Alternative Spring Break Trip.

Grace Ministry Food Pantry

Today I went to a food pantry to help package food. I didn’t really have any expectations. The only expectation probably was thinking I would be serving people. Instead, we packaged food, a lot of food! I was so surprised at how much food was donated, and the amount of work the women did every Monday to give food to the hunger every Tuesday. I couldn’t believe the amount of work that goes into having a food pantry. It was pretty cool.  The impact that the experience had on me was the fact that the women just do the work to help others. The time in New York has been really fun and I am so excited for the rest of the week.