Brooke G.

Brooke G.

I am a sophomore at Northwest Missouri State University. I am a psychology major, with a minor in sport psychology. This is my first year participating in ASB. My hobbies include softball, reading, and watching movies.

Worksite Day 2

Today my group went to the Newman United Methodist Church and had another great experience! They have a food pantry and run a soup kitchen in the church. We helped with the soup kitchen while we were there. Almost all the workers are ushers at the church. Since we were out and about serving and [more…]

Work Site Day 1

Today I worked at the St. Johns Bread & Life. I had a really good experience! I am not sure what my full expectations were, but I was pleasantly surprised with how nice everyone was. I guess I kind of assumed that the people who work there would not really enjoy their job, but they [more…]

Day 1 in NYC

Today we went on a 9/11 Memorial Tour. I really enjoyed it and found out some really interesting information about it that I had not known! We also explored Time Square, which was a lot of fun!! Trying to figure out the subway system was interesting. I am glad I don’t have to use subways [more…]