Last Day!

Today we went to Central Park and walked around.  After that we went to Time Square and ate at Hard Rock Cafe.  The icing on the cake was Top of The Rock.  It was so far up that my ears popped as we were going up the elevator!  This was the perfect day to bring [more…]

Workday #4

Yesterday for our final workday we went to Trinity Lutheran Church and helped serve lunch.  As soon as we got there we started cutting potatoes and bagging onions.  As soon as all of the guests arrived I was on tray duty.  I wiped down all of the trays after people were finished eating.  After all [more…]

Workday #3

Today we worked at Chips Soup Kitchen.  Right when we got there we had to set up for lunch.  We got a chance to dye easter eggs for the volunteers to pass out tomorrow.  We served about 90 people altogether which really surprised me because I thought more people would be there since it is [more…]

Workday #2

On Tuesday my group went to St. James soup kitchen.  We packed shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, lotion, toothpaste, and tooth brushes.  After we packed toiletries we helped set up for lunch.  We served the guests restaurant style which I think made the experience a lot more special for the guests.  The environment was relaxing [more…]

1st Work Day- Monday

Today my group worked at More Grace Food Pantry.  Before we got there I expected to be working with more people.  We bagged food, onions, and bread for people to pick up Tuesday from 11-1.  What really surprised me was some people will take their bag then go and sell it on the street for cash.  [more…]

First full day!

Today we went to the 9/11 Memorial and Times Square.  This was also our first day experiencing the subway system! Quite the adventure!