The Joys of Painting (Bob Ross-Style)

For blogging this year, we’ve decided a new approach – as blogging has been an issue to coordinate in the past, we are now going to collaborate on posts each day and bring several points of view into one post. Everyone is still doing their part, but now you get to see everyone’s unique experiences all in one post!

Posting today is Group 1, and that’s Delaney, Ashlee, Keegan D., Nicole, Genet, and Meg. Annnnnnd go:

What were your highs and lows for the day?
Delaney: Low was definitely waking up and not feeling great – High was seeing the progress, finishing the project, and really falling into a rhythm with our teamwork.
Ashlee: Low was the painting fumes getting to my head and the high was accomplishing something big/finishing the full project.
Meg: Low was accidentally painting the middle of window. My high was jamming out to music and getting to dance and sing with my friends. Bonding experience was super fun.
Keegan: Low was early morning morale until noon-ish. My high was beach bonding with friends.
Nicole: Morale was low at the beginning of the day. High was when we all starting working together and bonded over finishing the project #teamwork
Genet: Low was being tired and my high was bonding.

What is something you struggled with today and how did you overcome it?
Delaney: I felt overwhelmed with the initial task at hand, but we divided and conquered so it went much faster than I expected.
Ashlee: We were all really tired this morning and we started listening to music to pump us up.
Meg: Today wasn’t really a struggle for me personally. I don’t think I have an answer for this question.
Keegan: Builidng up morale and personally contributing and thinking about the final project overall.
Nicole: We were tired, but staying positive and keeping the end project in mind/being mindful of the work.
Genet: When Joel was giving us all positive encouragement to keep us going – we really needed the motivation so it was nice to hear.

What is one new thing you did or learned today?
Delaney: I’m insecure about my height, but it came in handy today! Learning that my insecurities can actually be a benefit was really great when we needed to paint high places.
Ashlee: Learning how to stay positive in stressful situations.
Meg: I learned how to properly build a sandcastle!
Keegan: Working on keeping myself and others around me motivated.
Nicole: I learned that asking questions and when to ask for help is always better than doing it wrong.
Genet: I’ve learned how much teamwork we can accomplish and how it can make the projects be more efficient.