ASBasin Alliance: The Collab of the Century

For blogging this year, we’ve decided a new approach – as blogging has been an issue to coordinate in the past, we are now going to collaborate on posts each day and bring several points of view into one post. Everyone is still doing their part, but now you get to see everyone’s unique experiences all in one post!

Posting today is Group 3, and that’s James, Ashlyn, Makayla, Katie, and Jess. Annnnnnd go:

What were your highs and lows for the day?
James: I havent experienced being tired in the middle of the day yet but… *mimics slamming head on table*. Now I understand how it is being tired in the middle of the day but having to keep pushing. My high was learning all about oysters, fertilization, steralization, etc.
Ashlyn: High was defintly the nap I took! Just kidding, my high was the work we did today. I don’t go out of my comfort zone often and nature isn’t where I want to be all the time. During my experience today, I was out of my comfort zone and I was willing to jump in and get my hands dirty. My low would be how tired I was after all that work.
Makayla: My high is that our work today… we got to make it, basically, and then put it into use. It was cool to go and put it out into the water. We got to see why we did what we did. My low is that I am super tired and it was really hard to get out of bed.
Katie:  My high today was working with things that I was passionate about before I came into Florida. So, it was something that I knew I liked to do beforehand and it was really exciting! My low was getting sunburnt.
Jess: My high was that lovely little nature walk – I enjoyed learning about plants because it helps you connect what you are doing to the real world. My low would be that my shoes got wet, but it’s okay because I’m going to wash them. As an aside: I’m not naked and I’m not afraid.

What is something you struggled with today and how did you overcome it?
James: My struggle was the fact that I sliced my foot open on a plant. But at the ocean, I stuck my foot in and it turned out fine. So, I basically cured it.
Ashlyn: My biggest struggle was mid-day tiredness – after lunch, I could not function. But on the way to the site I rested, so I actually kept a positive attitude about it.
Makayla: When we first started to fill in the bags, the plants started to go diagnol. But we kept on trying and finally made a system that worked.
Katie: I struggled with my confidence in what I was doing today. I kept on trying to do things, but felt as though I was in the way (a lot). I overcame it by finding my confidence in what work I could do.
Jess:  I didn’t want the swarm of ants climbing on me. But I bucked up and said, “You know what? I’m going to cover these ants in some sand!” And I did! I overcame my struggle by saying that “ants dont matter.”

What is one new thing you did or learned today?
James: I learned a hell of a lot about oysters. I also learned that there are 300 species of bees native to Florida.
Ashlyn: For me, it was understanding the importance of restoration in places like that. To singlehandedly be taught the purpose and feel the purpose from the people was very cool.
Makayla: I learned a lot about plants! I am not a plant person, so it was interesting!
Katie: I learned that Panama City has natural resource/restoration projects within it – it’s all not just about spring-breaking and partying like it’s portrayed to be.
Jess: We all learned a lot about the plant life and the project, as well as the impact it was making. For this, it was nice to see the big picture of what our work influenced.
James: Going off of what you said: often times, we don’t realize how much work goes into a small thing such as a oyster reef or how it contributes to the world. That was something we got a glimpse of today.