Take Me Home, Country Roads

NW ASB wasn’t alone in Wilmington. A second group from California was also staying with us, and they were a hoot and a half (dare I say they were two hoots). They worked on a different project site than us, however every night when they got back, we loved to visit with them, especially after a long day of work.

At the house, once my group had finished the ceiling, we started on the wall, which was 10 times easier since we didn’t have to hold the boards over our heads. By the end of the week, we had completed almost all the walls of the house. It was quite frustrating, but we all pushed through with positive attitudes and a lot of patience. In comparison to last year when we had a different project every day, but it was rather nice to have just one project to work on every day because we got to see just how much progress we had made by the end of the week. We made huge strides in the repair of this house, and I am proud to say that we were able to contribute to the rebuild of this woman’s house. Even after all the work, it was nice to have one day off.

Spending Friday at the beach was about as amazing as it sounds. The weather was above 70 degrees and the Carolina Beach Boardwalk was a beautiful space. Lunch at SeaWitch cafe was delicious and we spent several hours playing in the ocean, drawing in the sand, and burying Alex. Despite how relaxing the whole day was, in the end I was glad to be back home in my own bed.

ASB has been an amazing experience to me. I am so blessed to serve as president of this organization and I hope that I will get to have this opportunity again in the future. Originally I wasn’t sure if my senior year would have enough time in it to do ASB again, but honestly I don’t think I can leave. ASB has become my third family (after marching band) and it’s not something I’m ready to lose.

Get ready for Round 3 of me ASB, because I’m not going anywhere.