ASB Round 2


Wilmington, NC – to say you are wonderful is an understatement.

This is my second year participating in Alternative Spring Break, and honestly, these first few days could not have gone any better. We departed from Maryville bright and early at 4am, and our flight left around 7:30am. Sleeping on the flight wasn’t really an option for me as excitement for what was to come was a bit overwhelming. Upon arrival in Wilmington, we picked up our vans and headed out to Walmart and then our volunteer facility.

Kure Beach, NC was where our volunteer facility was located. We stayed in dorms at a baptist church. We were also just a 5 minute walk from a beautiful beach, many food places and souvenir shops, and a gorgeous pier. I know that we aren’t in North Carolina to be tourists, but I had to admit that all of this just happened to be a nice bonus.

Our first day we arrive at SeaGate baptist church for a delicious breakfast and there we were assigned our project sites. Our group went with Dave to help rebuild a woman’s house that had suffered major damage from the hurricane. The sheet rock from the ceiling had collapsed and the floor was damaged from flooding. Volunteer groups prior to us had stripped the house of everything aside from a few chairs and appliances that had survived through it all. Our job for the week was going to be putting up sheet rock all throughout the house.

Let me tell you, putting up sheet rock is no easy task. Not only was this house not built to code, but since it had settled so much over the years, there was not a single straight edge in that house, and every single piece of sheet rock had to be trimmed. The first two days, I helped put sheet rock on the ceiling and stuff it with insulation. I quickly found out just how out of shape I was when I had to hold up the boards on the ceiling. However, I will say that I got some nice practice with a power drill while doing this job.

It was rather nice though to finish off each evening at the beach, regardless of the fact that the water was freezing. It was nice to wash away the dust from the day in the ocean. Unwinding from a hard day’s work is important, especially when you have to get up early and do it again the next day. And that’s exactly what we did.