We Out(ta) Here – Final Night’s Rundown

Hey y’all –

Since I’m in group three, tonight (Thursday the 22nd) is my night to post on the blog. This is the last night Northwest ASB is spending in Jacksonville, which means our last night in the church. I’d like to start out by saying that I am absolutely thankful for this roof over our head and the meals provided for us by Steve, Amy, Jordan, and all the employees here! It exceeded my expectations by far, and I’m so glad I’ve had this experience that I’ll remember for a long time to come. We are all blessed to have such wonderful execs and leaders who worked together to make sure this trip went by with minimal trip-ups, which are never avoidable in the first place – they did a wonderful job!

Today was actually a half-day of work and a half day of play, but a whole day of fun. I can actually hear Jordan talking about how relaxing today was as I type this, so I’ll use that as my proof that I’m credible in saying this. This morning we worked out at Fort Matanzas replenishing a jetty and filling in areas with sand around it. I learned a lot about Florida wildlife both via rangers and up close (here’s looking at you, lil crabs). After we finished that and split off for small informational sessions and lunch, we changed and headed to St. Augustine beach, where we spent a few hours just relaxing/cooling off (literally). It was a good chance for all of us to unwind after a long week of good, hard work and it was very obviously needed. To wrap up the night, we ate at Timoti’s Seafood Shak and now I’m here writing this post, packing up and reflecting on the last few days. Although they have been an absolute joy, I can say with confidence that I’m excited to finish off strong with this team and head back home to my pets and the last four weeks of the semester, as well as mentally prepare myself for a new ASB trip in another year from now. We’ll see how things go. :^)

-Whitney Henry