Jacksonville 3/21

Today (Wednesday) we went to Little Talbot Island State Park where  I got to help clear hiking trails by removing plants that were covering the walkways. The hike that we went on was about three miles long and we got to see all sorts of plants and wildlife. We came across banana trees, live oaks, moss, and tons of palm trees on the plant side and we saw some lizards and a snake on the wildlife side. Clearing the trails was great because it allows others to cherish how great this planet really is. After lunch we got to learn all about the sea turtles that lay their eggs in the sand dunes that we helped clean up. The mating season for sea turtles is from May to September and only about 1/4th of the sea turtles end up surviving. A the beach they had loggerhead sea turtles and green sea turtles. The sand dunes we helped clean up are very important for the survival of sea turtles. Overall, I really did enjoy the day soaking up the sun and enjoying the peaceful outdoors.