Buildin’ and Beachin’

It’s Thursday, our second to last day here. We can’t believe how fast our time here is flying by! Today we only had a half day of working so we could spend the afternoon sightseeing. We drove down to St. Augustine to rebuild a jetty that had been partially destroyed by the recent weather conditions. Somehow all of us Midwesterners thought 65 degrees and sunny felt very cold and worthy of long pants and a sweatshirt, so we were thankful for something to get us moving and working hard. We shoveled sand to fill holes and level out the beach where they were moving the rocks to and from the jetty to make it sturdier. Our hardwork definitely paid off with the sight of some dolphins right near us in the inlet when we were getting close to finishing! Once we finished our morning task we split into two groups, one going on a marsh walk with a park ranger, and the other getting a nature talk on black bears by a volunteer naturalist. We enjoyed lunch at the state park and drove to the beach in the afternoon! Although it was a only 60 degrees, we enjoyed a few hours at the beach before returning to Jacksonville for dinner and night time activities. Today was a great day, as was the whole week, because we felt as though the things we were doing were not only enjoyable but actually making a real impact by benefitting the habitat and the community, and it was all-around rewarding for all of us. Our team has bonded so much this week and really grown closer and become much better at working together to tackle a project. Tomorrow, we take on Jacksonville for the last time!