Baton Rouge Trip

Day 1: On the first day of the trip we arrived at the biggest food bank that I have ever seen and the manager showed us around, he explained where the water level was at the food bank and how bad it was in the last year. He explained where all the food comes from and then we started sorting food and unloading food out of containers, it was great to talk to some of the locals who experienced the flood and how they were still able to help the other families affected.

Day 2-3: During these two days we worked with All Hands cutting and hanging drywall.  This was a great experience and we got to meet the home owner of the house we were dry walling and just to see how grateful she was made the whole trip worth it and the long days hanging dry wall not that bad.  She was a great older lady and had to evacuate her house from the roof when it was flooding.  I am glad we got to have this connection to someone who was there for the flood and got to hear their story.

Day4: This was a short day I worked with the environmentalist learning about how the flood effected the forest and what it did to the environment.  We removed unneeded brush and helped clear a walking trail in the forest.  Then later in the day we went to an awesome swamp tour and saw where the water level was there during the flood.  We then went in to New Orleans and saw some sights and ended the night with a bus ride back home.

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