The spring break you cant forget instead of the one you cant remember

“Fortunate enough to give back to the less fortunate”
This spring break i was fortune enough to take my week and be a disaster relief volunteer in Baton Rouge. For those who don’t know last summer Baton Rouge got hit with the a major flood being the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy. I spent my week in a cabin with other volunteers working in food banks, Schools, and rebuilding houses. Leaving at 4 am on a Sunday gearing up for a 16 hr bus ride could not prepare me for how Louisiana would impact my life. The devastation i saw was nothing i could have prepared for but the strength of the kids i met and the homeowners who’s homes were devastated i was not prepared for their strength in family and community, their resilience and their generosity in time of need. One week was not long enough to help the people in Louisiana the will to stay and help those in need grew more and more as the days went on. While i came home with sore muscles and tired eyes I look back at the full time volunteers who work day in and day out doing the best they can asking for nothing in return. I think back to Shirley who was brought to tears as we put drywall up because now she had walls for the first time since her house was flooded. I think back to the child I met at the boys and girls club who said he has been sleeping with his brothers and sisters on different couches for 6 months because their home was washed away. I expected the early morning, the labor, and i expected to give back- I never expected to take away so much from my volunteering. The callouses on my hands and the soreness in my back will fade but how this trip touched me never will.

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