Baton Rouge – Day 4

Thursday, our organization had a change of plans. Instead of going back to work with All Hands, we split into 2 groups. One group did environmental work (clearing trails and landscaping) and the second group went back to the food bank. I was a part of the second group and we were joined by a local school for special needs. Our organization only worked for a few hours at each of our locations but the energy given by the students we worked with that day far surpassed any that we had the entire week. Each of them were so excited about everything we were able to do for the food bank. The smiles and laughs we shared with them will always be remembered.

Once we finished volunteering, we took a bus ride to Slidell, LA for our swamp tour. Being able to see such wild animals up close from a small motor boat was thrilling (and terrifying!). From the swamp, we boarded the bus again for New Orleans. We spent the rest of our evening here exploring the ins and outs of the famous Bourbon Street. It was a great experience seeing all of the people and culture of the place where the well-known Mardi Gras celebrations are held.


This was my second service trip to this state and the people of Louisiana will forever hold a dear spot in my heart.

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