Baton Rouge 3/21/17

We woke up around 6am this morning to eat breakfast and get ready to leave for the All Hands Base. All Hands is a disaster relief non-profit that helps communities that have been affected by natural disasters. They are currently helping in Detroit, Baton Rouge, Nepal, and many other locations. We had a brief introduction and then split up into teams. My project leaders name was Paul and he was a very unique guy. He was a civil engineer, but became tried of a desk job so he quit and started to volunteer 6 months out of the year and the other 6 months he worked in a national park. Paul was full of stories and very helpful throughout the entire week. Paul showed me how to drywall properly and how to do certain touch up things. I worked with two other students the entire week and we mostly did touch up, instead of hanging sheets of dry wall. My favorite part of the trip was working at the project sites because it was an instant gratification, instead of a delayed one like at the food bank. I knew by hanging the dry wall I was helping the home owners get their lives back together. A major reason why we were there is due to most people in the area not having flood insurance. Paul described the flood as the “1000 year flood” due to the severity. After working in the house all day we went back to the camp grounds and ate dinner. After dinner, most of us just relaxed and fell asleep early.

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