Baton Rouge 3/20/17

After a long 16 hour trip, we arrived at Camp Istrouma outside of Baton Rouge. This was the first service day for us and we went to the Greater Baton Rouge food bank and the boys and girls club at a local school. At the food bank we were first given a tour of the building and the leader told us about how the building was effected by the flood. After the tour, we started to sort through donations and weighed them in individual boxes that would be later delivered to people in need. We listened to music throughout the entire time that the leader had created himself. Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience by helping people indirectly and building relationships with the other volunteers. Afterwards, we went to the boys and girls club at a local school and some of the volunteers helped with homework, but I played basketball with the students. The kids seemed very excited to have us there and we played basketball and other games with them for about two hours. I’m glad I had opportunity to help in the food bank and then meet some of the local children.

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