ASB 2017 Louisiana

The trip was everything and more that I had hoped for. The most impactful moment of the whole thing was hearing the stories of the people we were helping. The house that I helped dry wall on Tuesday and Wednesday belonged to Tara, who had grew up in the house. She told me every detail of her story that she could remember and it made me so sad. Hearing everything that she went through made me realize how much we truly were doing to help. She has high hopes to be back in her house by Christmas, and I truly hope she is.

I had never dry walled in my life so it was fun to learn those skills. I think that the group we worked with, All Hands, is an amazing organization that I can’t wait to go back and volunteer with again. This trip really opened my eyes on how lucky we are, and the things we have that others do not. It made a big impact in my life and I will take the lessons learned from the trip and apply them to my everyday life for years to come.

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