Spring Break in Louisana

Day 1:  We left at 5 am from campus.  I was surprisingly awake early and on time because well I did not go to sleep that night.  I ended up running to the bank, Walmart, and McDonald’s that morning before I got to the bus.  After driving for a bit we stopped in Springfield to switch drivers. After leaving Springfield I tried finding my motion sickness medicine and it was nowhere to be found.  Luckily AT brought extra that I was able to use.  We stopped for lunch at Zaxby’s, which was on the outside of Memphis.  That night we finally got to the camp and we had pizza at the dinning area.  We picked our bunks in the cabin and then had a little talk with the camp director Steve before going to sleep.

Day 2: This was our first day of volunteering, and we went to a food bank.  We had to get up and be at breakfast by 6:15 a.m.  I was not a happy person having to wake up this early, but I made it early to breakfast.  At the food bank we did a lot of packing certain goods into boxes, sorting items, making boxes, and taking inventory.  When busy at the food bank the experience was fun.  During the down time we hung out as a group and did different activities to get to know each other and have fun.  That afternoon we went to the Boys and Girls Club where I did a lot of hula-hooping with this young little girl named Breanna.  I had a fun time getting to play and hangout with the kids because I love working with kids on a daily basis.  That night we did not have anything specific we were doing besides going back to the camp and eating gumbo for supper.

Day 3: This might have been one of my favorite days on this trip.  We went to All Hands and got split up into groups.  My team leaders name was Johnny and he was from the Kansas City area.  I actually chose his group because during the time we chose he told us to join his group.  We figured why not and signed up for him.  Johnny brought us back to Tara’s house that got damaged by the flood.  I learned how to dry wall that morning, then we broke up into groups and continued to dry wall the entire day.  During our bathroom breaks, Johnny bought us beignets, which are a southern dessert.  That night we went to a buffet and then some people got frozen yogurt afterwards.

Day 4: We went back to our All Hands houses today.  My group continued to dry wall and finish up the closets that we had started the day before.  We got beignets again today while at the gas station.  It was fun at the end of the day seeing how much my entire group got accomplished dry walling in the house the two days we worked.  This night when we went back to camp we had fettuccine alfredo and then a All Hands presentation afterwards.  It was nice getting to see the different places that All Hands has worked.  It was also cool getting to hear the different stories about the people who worked for All Hands.

Day 5: Today we got to decide if we wanted to go back to the Food Bank or go do environmental work.  By this day I wanted to do something hands on and get tan while doing it.  So I chose to do the environmental work, which ended up being to help clear a nature trail.  I started out having clippers to help clip tree branches that were in the way.  On the trail I found a log on its side, which me being me decided to walk across it.  My mistake because then I was looking around and saw a snake on the floor.  I screamed SSSSNNNNAAAAKKKKKKEEEEE and jumped off and ran away.  From then on I was freaked out trying to clean the pathway.  I did however learn how to use a saw and cut down several trees while clearing up the trail.  After we finished cleaning up the trail we headed down towards New Orleans for a swamp tour.  We saw an alligator and several wild hogs on the tour.  When the tour was finished we went down to downtown New Orleans.  Here we broke up and groups and got to eat and explore the area for a short amount of time.  It made me excited to be able to go back down this summer with my family to explore the city more with them.

Day 6:  We were supposed to leave this day at 9 a.m. and we ended up being told that our bus was broken down.  We spent the entire day lazying around until the bus got there that night.  That morning I woke up with a fever and did not do anything but sleep on the floor of the cabin.  That night when I felt better I explored around the camp on trails and a bridge that we found.  We finally left that night at 7 p.m. and I was excited to head home.  I was nervous about the timing of when we would get back because I had to leave early Saturday to head to Columbia.  We ended up making it back where I had a few minutes to spare and meet Kassie Saturday.

I just want to give a huge shout out to everyone who helped make this trip happen for me: mom, dad, Barbara, Jim, grandma, and grandpa.

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