Louisiana 3/20-23

For my second trip with Alternative Spring Break we took a long drive down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Last August this area suffered from a thousand year flood that claimed 13 lives and cost $15 billion in property damage.
On our first day we arrived at the Greater Baton Rouge Good Bank, helping sort through donations with the help of a talented local DJ, and later traveled to a school to help with an after- school program. The food bank was not spared from the flood and was still undergoing renovations. I thought the food bank was a testament to the community of baton rougue, that even when they were hurting their primary focus was still providing for others.
Our second and third days were spent with the amazing people at All Hands Volunteering, an organization dedicated to average people helping others in need. I luckily worked with the painting crew! We finished the house a day early, which meant its owner was one day closer to moving home after 6 months of remodeling. The people I met through All Hands are really the hope of humanity, people who choose to help others because they would wish for the same in a time of need.
On our last day I worked with BREC, who develop and maintain the parks system in the Baton Rouge area. We got to help build and clear a nature trail!!!! This was a highlight of the trip because it spoke to my interests in conservation. It also gave me a better perspective of the complexities surrounding the cause of the flood. All in all I have really enjoyed my time in ASB, and all of the friends and memories I have made through it!

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