Baton Rouge-Day 3

All Hands Volunteer Day 1

Today we worked with an organization called All Hands Volunteer, we worked at homes that were effect from the flood. I woke up at 5am to shower and get ready for our first day, it was exciting and most of our cabin braided each other’s hair. We eat breakfast and I helped again with clean up. Our bus arrived and Phillip aka the Bus driver- coolest guy ever, drove us to All Hands bus camp. We were given shirts to wear, then we all had a meeting about what we were going to be doing today. At the meeting we were given some information about what we would be doing at the sites. I volunteered to work at Clifford’s House and helping him by painting inside his home. I worked with Amanda and Hannah from our ASB group, and John and Geoff were staff and volunteers that had been working with All Hands before. Geoff was the leader of our group and told us what we needed to work on. I had fun working with Geoff and John, but they had very opposite personalities. John was the talkative person who would talk in any situation and Geoff tried to never say anything or tried to say very little, it was my goal to have Geoff laugh or say anything to me. Amanda, Hannah, and I worked on cutting and rolling the paint; cutting means that we would make a swoosh toward the trim or ceiling. Rolling means we would get rollers and make large strokes up and down. We worked until lunch playing my music and working at our own pace because we learned that they planned for us to finish painting on Thursday. Since the hose didn’t have plumbing we left to find a gas station, we used to bathroom then went back to the house to eat. At lunch is when I learned more about All Hands and about John and Geoff’s lives as well as more about Amanda and Hannah. Once lunch was over we got back to work and we realized that we were almost done cutting. We started rolling in all of the rooms while Clifford brought us a new jug of primer for the kitchen. When we arrived the kitchen was this really bright and ugly yellow, Clifford didn’t like it so were to change the color. We got the primer a little after lunch, so we finished rolling the rooms and started cutting in the kitchen and mud room. By that time we had a rhythm of how we wanted to paint and all 5 of us worked together to get the room finished and cleaned up before we had to be back at 4:30 at the All Hands spot. Once we got back to the All Hands spot, Amanda, Hannah and I ran over to Walgreen’s because we were still waiting for another two vans to come back. Once back at camp, we showered and got ready to head out and get dinner. We actually went out for food at a place called Central Buffet, it wasn’t that bad and I got to talk and hang out with Phillip. After dinner we walked to a fro-yo place, we took a bunch of photos and added everyone on snapchat. I taught Phillip how to use snapchat and what a bitemoji was and how to create one. It was a fun night because I got to hang out with everyone and we were able to talk about what we did that day since we all split into different groups. Once we got back to camp a lot of people wanted to play cards and hang out. We played BS and 21 and just played music, laughed and hung out. I got tired and went to bed eventually, but I found out the next day that they stayed up and had a bonfire.