Baton Rouge-Day 2

Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank Day

Today was our first day in Louisiana and we were all tired and not morning people. Every day we had four people help set up for breakfast and dinner, than have at least 8 people help with cleaning up. Breakfast was at 6:30am and I woke up at 5:30, I was one of the first few people awake. After breakfast we hoped onto the bus, when we were leaving camp our bus was stopped by the Mighty Mega Mini Muffin Fairy (or Steve in a colorful Grandma dress and a blonde wig with a roasting stick with a mini muffin on it). The Mighty Mega Mini Muffin Fairy gave us a pep talk saying to make The Hoo Doo, that You Doo, that You Doo, so well. Once the Muffin Fairy left the bus, we left the camp and headed to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. However, we went to the wrong location then couldn’t find the Food Bank and were a little late. Once at the Food Bank I had a great time, we would do multiple jobs. We took certain food groups and weighed them for families in need. The whole day the main guy at the Food Bank, Mark played his DJ tracks loudly and we jammed out while working. After we finished boxing those goods we were to take a break and wait until two local schools fund-raised goods were delivered. The food was late so we took our lunch break and a few people sat outside and tried to tan. The hour lunch lasted roughly 115 minutes because they didn’t have anything for us to do until the food came in so we played musical chairs, human knot, and the game were you make eye contact with people. We included the other group that was there volunteering in our games. The food arrived and we practically ran toward the food bins because wanted to start working again. Personally I felt like I wasn’t doing anything productive and helpful to those in need. There were three POD containers that were delivered and we organized and finished those within 2 hours. It was awesome to see everyone working together and being efficient to try and get as much done. We left and went to a School to work with an organization called the Boys and Girls Club. At the school we worked with students do their homework than when they completed their homework they got to go to the gym and play games. I worked with a 4th Grader named Carson, and I helped him work on his math assignment. We worked on line plots and fractions, it was fun and interesting to see how I would teach someone. Also how bad or good I am as a teacher. That was the end of our service but we went back to the Camp Istrouma to prepare for dinner and I stayed behind to help clean up from dinner. At the end of dinner we went back to our cabins and got ready for bed.