Baton Rouge-Day 1

Travel Day-

Today was the day that we are starting our trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I woke up at 3 am to finish packing and make Hannah S. breakfast. The bus was supposed to arrive at 4:30am because then we are able to pack the bus and leave at 5am. HOWEVER, the bus couldn’t find the lot that we were in and got lost on campus, so the bus arrived at 5am. Hannah S. was staying at my apartment and was going on the trip, I wanted to make sure that were there early enough to get a good seats on the bus. We were parked in lot 62 at 4:35 and there were already 5 other cars parked. I could tell that everyone was excited to get on the bus and start our adventure. However, you could tell that a lot of people were tired and not really morning people at 5am. I was trying to stay peppy for everyone else, even Maddie Y. Once the bus showed up, we loaded bus really fast and everyone found their seats trying to figure out how they were going to sleep on the bus. We left Maryville at 5:30, It was my goal to stay awake the whole trip but I was up late the night before doing homework that was DUE DURING spring break (not cool). I fell asleep right after passing Platte City and the bus slept until we reached our first stop. We stopped in Springfield, Mo and changed bus drivers then traveled down the road for breakfast. Throughout the day, I would sleep or read a book. Nothing really happened other than travelling through Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana. We arrived at Camp Istrouma at 9:40, Steve our coordinator provided dinner then we all went back to our cabins and went to bed.