Baton Rouge Trip 3/22/2017

Day 1 (Sunday 3/19): Travel day, we watched 4 movies on the 16 hour bus ride. We stopped at the resturant Zaxby’s, and we traveled through Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Day 2 (Monday 3/20): Food bank- we went to Greater Baton Rouge which is a food bank. We helped put food into boxes and checked inventory. The guy in charged was named Mark and he was a DJ also who played cool music. We also unloaded food from these storage pods to separate them into smaller boxes.

Day 3 (Tuesday 3/21): Flood relief- we went to All Hands which split us into groups and we went to one house and worked on dry wall. The water line from the flood was 3/4th of the way up the wall and they lost most of their items. The owner’s son said that he woke up to water going over his bed in the flood. My team of Maddie, BJ, and I worked on the finishing touches of the house by drilling in screws and fixing the holes with dry wall in the outlets. The two guys that were in charge were Paul and Dave. They were both really cool. Paul always travels from place to place and I think that would be such a cool lifestyle to live. We ended up finishing two rooms that day. After work we went to this chinese buffet and I ate tons of frog legs and crawfish and sushi. I also tried an oyster and it was gross. The rest of the time we just played games.

Day 4 (Wednesday 3/22): Flood relief- We worked with All Hands again and with the same group of people. We worked on dry wall again and finished 2 more rooms. We had to patch a large hole in the ceiling with dry wall. It feels so great to make a difference in other peoples lives. The house that we worked on is owned by an old couple who didn’t have flood insurance just like the majority of people who got affected in the world, so it felt really good to make a difference. After working at the site, we ate dinner and then the All Hands employees talked to us more about their company and the flood. So far I like this trip a lot better than the Washington D.C. trip from last year. Lousiana is very pretty and everything is so green here.