Washington D.C-Day 4

Thursday was our last day volunteering with YSOP. This was my second time partnering with this organizing and hopefully I will get another chance to come back. YSOP does a great job at giving volunteers hands on experience and they do a great job at making sure you volunteer at a place where you will [more…]

ASB Washington D.C- Day 3

Day three was a busy day as the Blue Team traveled all the way to Rockville, Maryland. The day started out a little rough as we had a long ride on the metro and then we had to wait quite a while for the bus. Once the bus dropped us off, we had trouble finding [more…]

Washington D.C Day 2

On day two in Washington, D.C the red team paired up with another team from Northwest and volunteered at Capital Area Food Bank. This food bank is one of the largest I have seen with multiple groups volunteering at one time. Kaitlyn and I helped sort through huge bins of canned and bottled goods. If [more…]

Washington D.C Day 1

On our first day of volunteering with YSOP, my group and I worked at the Church of Brethren Soup Kitchen. This is where we met Care, who was in charge of the meal. At the church, we prepared and served a meal to around 30-40 guests. The food we prepared was a green bean soup, [more…]

Day Four: Washington D.C.

Our final day has come and gone and I am feeling overwhelmed with joy. My group spent our final work day at Seabury, a non-profit that helps the elderly of the D.C. area. Together we loaded into a van and went to a elderly woman’s house to help her with the upkeep of her yard. [more…]

Day Three: Washington D.C.

Day three team blue headed to an assisted living facility to help out with recreational activities and some behind the scenes work. Today was definitely not as hands on as my past two days here in D.C., but it was still a rewarding day of direct service. A group of us got to paint the [more…]

Day Two: Washington D.C.

Day two has come and gone just as quickly as day one, but it was still just as fulfilling. My team spent the day at Capital Food Bank separating out expired snacks from bins and reorganizing the edible snacks into boxes. Dozens of rotted pound cake and a couple hundred boxes later, we finished our [more…]

YSOP Dinner

On Tuesday YSOP gave us the opportunity to make provide a dinner and interact with people experiencing homelessness, as well as a group of eighth graders. The eighth graders that helped make the dinner alongside us were from a school which valued and required service projects and were with YSOP for an out-of-classroom experience. We [more…]

Seaburry resources for the aging

Seaburry resources for the aging is a program which provides different services for low-income and homeless elderly. Our group only helped with a small portion of what they do. We helped landscape a woman’s yard and did housework for her. This impacted me because I did not realize that these services were important. To me, [more…]

Iona Fresh Produce Market

Today my group helped with the Iona Organization to provide a fresh produce market style buffet. Each person could pick from a variety of vegetables and apples up to three items with unlimited turnips. I helped to sort out the turnips and decide which ones were good enough to provide. I thought that the fresh [more…]