Washington DC – Day 4

On Thursday, the 4th day in DC, my group was sent to Seabury which is a company designed to go to the homes of the elderly who need assistance taking care of their homes – inside and out. Here, we were sent to a woman’s house where we cleaned up her yard and revitalized her gardens. With the best weather we’d had all week, this task was a welcomed one. After we were done, the woman thanked us “Midwest folks” for coming to help make her lawn and garden look beautiful again.

After our volunteer services and reflections on this day, our entire group embarked on a walking tour of the monuments. Our first stop was to the National Mall where we saw the Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool leading to the Lincoln Memorial. It was very humbling being in the same place that Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his most memorable speech. From there, we saw the World War II Memorial along with the Jefferson and Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorials.

Being in our nation’s capitol provided us with a wide variety of learning experiences, both from our volunteering and from the historical sites we had the opportunity to visit.

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