Washington DC – Day 2

The second day of our trip, two of our groups went to the Capitol Area Food Bank. Here, we were able to help them re-package boxes of collected food that were to be sent out to different shelters and be distributed across DC. I was amazed at how large the food bank was when we first got there. The size was similar to a mid-size factory, and the amount of food they are able to store inside is incredible. It was a great feeling knowing that we were sorting through food and ensuring that those in need were receiving the best food available to them.

During this day, we were able to see the White House, even though the President was not in, and the National Archives and its documents.

Tuesday evening was my favorite experience of this trip. During my previous ASB experience, there was definitely more interaction between us and those who we were helping. Tuesday evening, YSOP brought our ASB group together with a group of elementary children from Baltimore. Together, we prepared and served a group of the first 40 or so people to enter into the church’s dining hall. Before the meal was served, we were able to sit and talk with each of them and play games with them. I found it very inspiring that despite how down on their luck some of them were, they never spoke negative about anything that they had gone through in their life. To them, everything that had happened, happened for a reason. Many of them still had faith in their beliefs, which is something even the luckiest of people struggle with. They were all very grateful to have us volunteers serving them and waiting on them.

There were no separate statuses in that room; there were no discriminations. Everyone was equal, and everyone was friendly.


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