Washington DC – Day 1

Our first day volunteering in DC, my group was assigned to go to Martha’s Table, an organization who works to provide food, education, and opportunities. While there, we were assigned to help with the preparation of the evening meal. It was interesting to know that, although we only had 7 of us from NW and 2 other volunteers from the DC area, the meal we were helping with would feed over 500 people in need. That was an amazing fact to see how wide our impact could spread.

Once we left Martha’s, we explored the area of Georgetown, DC which showed us a glimpse into the upper end of city life. Something I noticed was that almost immediately after crossing the bridge between downtown and the Georgetown area, it wasn’t that the people living on the streets disappeared but that they were well hidden from the main street. After exploring the city, the whole ASB group met at the YSOP church for reflection which was when each group shared what they did and what they learned from it.

The evenings of this trip, our group was able to choose a location agreed upon. Monday evening we made the journey to Chinatown and were able to see some local attractions in the area.

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