Washington D.C.- Day 4

Today we worked a place called Martha’s Outfitter’s which is an actually thrift store. Martha’s Outfitters is connected to a soup kitchen called Martha’s Table and a few other operations.  However at Martha’s Outfitter they do more for those who are homeless, because they had a list of things that they were able to grab from the store. Three outfit, 1 coat, 1 pair of shoes, one household item then they got 2 pairs of socks, a pair of underwear(if it was a man), a bra(if it was a women), a shirt and some toiletries. Be began by going to the donation piles and hanging those up and bringing them to the front of the shop. We all did separate jobs, some hung clothes, some took donations to the back and Sarah and I work in the part of the store where the homeless people would check in with us and we would give them something’s. Sarah and I worked as a team and would bag the clothes and make sure they had everything right, for the last 30 minutes I took over the computer to check people in. When our time was up we left and walked back to YSOP for our final breakdown/reflection. That night we left from YSOP to walk the monuments that we had not seen yet. It took a few hours to get through all of the monuments, it was fun and we got to meet up with a recent graduate of NW who now lived in DC.