Washington D.C.- Day 3

Today we got to go to our service site without Amy because she was sick and couldn’t leave the hotel. We took the metro transit all the way to Rockville, Maryland, which was 13 stops away which is roughly 50 minutes. When we got off the transit we had to jump on to a bus to go our site. Well, after we got off the bus we found a building that was describe in our direction but it didn’t have the correct building number. We looked around the street to find our building but could not see it, it was described as a white building. We had to call the head lady for Nourish Now to help us find the correct building which to happen to be on the opposite side of the street in a cream building. Nourish Now is a small non-profit that serve families in need of food by giving them a box full of fruits, veggies, and assortment of other things. If the family has a baby or small children they will help with baby food or anything that they have at the time. We started out by sorting through fresh foods and leftover food from catering companies into smaller food bags. Sarah, Brittney and I organized canned and packaged foods (mac and cheese, dressing etc.) until they ran out. While we were doing that, the rest of our group was making lunches from left over catering food. At the end of our time we took a group picture with all of the volunteers that worked that day and the people who ran the operation. The bus was coming down the street toward the bus stop that we were at. We were 15 minutes into the bus ride when we realized that we were going the wrong way, we hoped off the bus confused. We crossed the street waiting for another bus for 15 more minutes. When we finally got back to the metro station, the announcer said that the train was broken and that we would have to wait awhile. Once the transit started working again we finally made it back to YSOP. We all regrouped and decided what we were going to do that night, some went to a Wizards game, and some visited a few shops around the hotel. Than about 7 of us navigate our way to Georgetown.  We went shopping, I took a lot of pictures, and just had a great night. I learned today to always check to see which was the bus is going and don’t assume they are all going the same way.