Washington D.C. – Day 2

Today was a long day we went to our service site and also serviced dinner to some people who are experiencing homelessness. Our group and Marcy’s group all went to the Capital Area Food Bank to sort through their donations and other things that have purchased. Personally, I was in the group that went through the snack boxes and check the packaging for their expiration dates. Then we repackage them for churches and other organizations around this food bank to come and pick up the repackaged boxes. When we were done with our service for the day, we went to lunch and got to walk around the White House and other places around I Street and Pennsylvania Ave. When it was time to go back to the YSOP building, we regroup and got ready for our service dinner. We made Shepard’s Pie, Vegetable Stir-fry, baked beans and a Garden Salad, then for dessert we (the 7th graders or the other group) decorated the cupcakes. I was back in the kitchen making the Stir-Fry the whole time everyone else decorated the room and made all of the food and drinks. I had fun working with Jessica and Zach to make the Stir-Fry and with everyone else who was cooking in the kitchen. We had a quick meeting before they opened the doors then I helped finish the Stir-Fry. I walk out of the kitchen with Jessica, looking for a place to sit down to chat with some of our guest. When Marcy waved me over and introduced me to two men that were deaf or hard of hearing. I sat down not knowing what to do, super nervous but I was over reacting. One guy was really nice and would finger-spell slowly for Lacie and me, then he gave us sign names which was really cool. I finished the night with not signing a lot to our guests but I believe that since I understood most of the conversation it was a great accomplishment. I helped clean up and do some dishes with Shea, we had our reflection which lasted an hour. But with our reflection that we had I realized that I want to set a goal for myself for the rest of the week, which is to sign questions and have a conversation with a Deaf person when I get the chance to. Here are some pictures from my day: