Washington D.C. – Day 1

Today, we began our week long service for the homeless and those who need the food. At the beginning when walking to the YSOP’s location I didn’t know what to expect from this week and how it would all play put. We had our orientation then split up and went to separate location, I started out at the Church of the Brethren. The Church of the Brethren had a soup kitchen in the basement and that is where I spent my first day serving. We made the whole lunch, which all donations were from varies stores and farms around D.C. I personally made the Green Bean Soup, when making the food it was interesting because we had to do math to multiple the recipe. I had a lot of fun working with my group, we cried over the onions but it was interesting see how they interacted with the people who came into the soup kitchen. When serving the food we got to take a break and sit down and eat with some of the guest and talk with them, some didn’t want to talk. At the end of this week it is my goal to have a conversation with someone at one of the sites we go to. When our day was over at the Church of the Brethren, we walked about the capital then made it back to hear from our guest speaker from DC Central Kitchen. We learned more about their non-profit organization and other statistics about homelessness in DC. When our day was done we went to Chinatown and ate at MatchBox and explored Chinatown and other places around there. I took a few photos and have a very fun and exhausting day.