Iona Senior Services

On March 25th, 2016, my group was able to work with Iona Senior Services. This was a fun experience for me because we were able to work with a farmer’s market of sorts, and I have never been to one from the seller’s perspective. Even though we were not selling the food, we were still offering what we had to the members coming to our lunch and hoping they would like what we had for them. After they all came through the market, I was able to go in and help fix lunch. This was fun for me because I work in food service currently, and a lot of the meal that was being prepared was that of a catering sort. After, we served the meals to the guests and sat down and ate with them. This was fun because I was able to talk with one lady who wanted to know all about my major, and told me that she believed that I was going to be an amazing teacher, just from listening to me tell stories about the children and the things that I most loved doing with them. This was inspiring for me because she had not even seen me, and she believed that I should follow my dreams. After everyone left, we helped to clean the kitchen, eating area, and the area where we had the Farmer’s Market.




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