Day 2

We arrived at Capital City Food Bank and our group was split into two groups. I was in charge of resorting the food that the group before us incorrectly sorted. We were given three bins and told to separate what could be eaten from that which was spoiled. The spoiled food would be feed to the hog pin. The food bank was completely against wasting food. While sorting food I was volunteering next to a woman who was assigned to community service. The lady explained she got community service and had a $1,000 fine for speeding. That seemed extensive to me. But she didn’t complain but rather was the one digging deeper when the stench from the bad food got worse. The other group would package the food that we deemed edible into boxes to be shipped.

After the Capital City we went back to YSOP and we made a service meal for 40 members of the community. The doors opened 30 minutes before the actual dinner was served. This allowed us to play games and have conversations with our guests. I played scrabble with a well-educated man. He explained how he was just there for the meal because he didn’t have any money left to make dinner tonight. The man had a college degree, was in the army, and was waiting to hear back from a job offer. In his free time, he spent time volunteering for YSOP. After explaining his story, he made a comment that I will never forget; “Before you make the comment along the lines of ‘I never would have thought that’, remember it’s not your place to judge me on what’s right and wrong. Please remember that everyone has their own story and no one is perfect.” Then it was time for dinner. We served our guests right along a group of 7th graders. It was so nice to see that there is younger people who want to make a difference.

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