D.C. Day 3- Capital Area Food Bank

During the third day of the ASB Bearcats leaving our mark in the nation’s capital, my team energetically worked hand in hand with another volunteer group from Ikea at the Capital Area Food Bank. This organization located in the Washington metro area is working towards solving hunger and its companion problems that include chronic undernutrition, heart disease, and obesity. They aim to partner with many organizations as well as delivering food directly into hard to reach areas including those who are experiencing poverty and/or homelessness. Our duty for the day was to unpack the food content of boxes that were packed on pallets and place the sorted contents into the designated bins organized by categories. This experienced pushed me to further open my eyes to see the actual amount of an abundant food waste that is recurring every year in our land of abundant food. My team had the personal experience of seeing how the Capital Area Food Bank is physically taking action towards reducing food waste by working closely with the food donated and refining its sorting process. Each of us worked alongside the Ikea members to removing boxes from pallets and unpacking the items to into designated bins. By the end of the week, I witnessed how this organization left its mark on the Bearcats as we chose to give our uneaten sacked lunches and extra lunch contents to those who were in need of food due to poverty instead of adding to the abundant food waste in our nation. I am very humble to have had this opportunity to travel with fellow Bearcats to make a difference in another community.

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