D.C. Day 1- Iona Senior Services

It’s early in the morning of day one as my team eagerly navigated our way through the metro and the streets of Washington, D.C. to our first designation at the St. Alban’s Episcopal Church.  There the Iona Senior Services Organization holds the key to the success of the volunteer program that is ran in that location. By the end of the day, I gained the knowledge that this nonprofit organization holds the mission to support people as they experience the challenges and opportunities of aging to help keep them from experiencing homelessness. Iona h
opes to continue assisting the adult Ionaparticipants in
maintaining a healthy lifestyle through wellness, exercise, and creativity programs, plus a nutritious lunch. My team had the pleasure of lending a hand with putting on a mini farmer’s market with vegetables that local farmers donated to this service, and later serving lunch alongside the Iona crew. Each team member embraced the moments to sit down side-by-side with the visiting elderly to learn their individual stories. I gratefully had the chance to speak with two women that held inspiring experiences and perspectives of the world that most college students have not had the chance to witness.


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