YSOP Dinner

On Tuesday YSOP gave us the opportunity to make provide a dinner and interact with people experiencing homelessness, as well as a group of eighth graders. The eighth graders that helped make the dinner alongside us were from a school which valued and required service projects and were with YSOP for an out-of-classroom experience.

We prepared stir fry, Shepard’s pie, salad and cupcakes for our guests and played board games with them.

I spoke with a man named Weldon. He shared his story about how he became homeless and the great things that had been happening to him recently. It became clear that being down on your luck in a city like DC had much scarier potential consequences that our rural community. In Maryville what would result in a talk with your landlord and a money wire from your mom meant homelessness for Weldon in DC.

His story was one of heartbreak, yet he told it in a very positive way. He never lost his faith and gave all the credit for his recent good luck to God.

Hearing Weldon’s story inspired me to be more positive when I face hard times. His positivity made my issues seem trivial. I learned a lot about life, faith and positivity from listening to his testimony.

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