Washington D.C Day 1

On our first day of volunteering with YSOP, my group and I worked at the Church of Brethren Soup Kitchen. This is where we met Care, who was in charge of the meal. At the church, we prepared and served a meal to around 30-40 guests. The food we prepared was a green bean soup, chicken casserole, rolls/biscuits, spinach and cheese dip, and peanut butter cookies. After we served the guests, we got a chance to sit and talk with them. This is where I got a chance to talk to a guy named Gary that chose to be homeless. We didn’t really talk about his life, but had a conversation about where we were from and why we chose to come and volunteer. We also talked about the weather and politics. We also got a chance to meet a lady who brought a lot of leftover food to her birds. I thought it was interesting that she chose to give it to her birds rather than saving it for a future meal.

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