Day Four: Washington D.C.

Our final day has come and gone and I am feeling overwhelmed with joy. My group spent our final work day at Seabury, a non-profit that helps the elderly of the D.C. area. Together we loaded into a van and went to a elderly woman’s house to help her with the upkeep of her yard. We pulled weeds, trimmed bushings, tended to her garden, and swept the sidewalks. This day was the most hands on grunt work I had done during the trip, but I really enjoyed doing it. It was a beautiful day and I felt blessed to be helping out a woman that wasn’t able to do basic chores. At the end of our service day we headed back to YSOP to wrap up our week. We discussed our week together and then opened our notes we had written to ourselves on day one. I had written, “The last time I saw a homeless person I felt sorry for them. I wish there was something I could do.” It was our job then to write the same prompt, but with a new perspective after our week of service so I wrote, “The last time I saw a homeless person I felt determined to help. I know there is something I can do.”


Overall this week was a huge eye opener. I know I can make a difference and I am feeling so humbled and blessed after this week. I am grateful for our trip. I am grateful for ASB.

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