Washington D.C -Day Three

Today we went to an organization located in Maryland! We had some difficulties finding the building but we eventually made it to Noursih Now. They are a non-profit organization that takes left over food from restaurants and caterers and extra food from groceries stores and stores the food and then hands it out to those in need. I really liked volunteering at this location. It was small but very tight-knit and the staff there were so kind and helpful. There were a few other volunteers there that we got to know very well. They asked us about Northwest and our future plans and we got to hear their stories, too.

While we were there we helped sort a lot of produce. We also sorted and put leftover food from caterers into the freezer. People in need of food can call Nourish Now and make a reservation and can then come to the site to receive a box of food. The amount of food in the box depends on how many people are in the family. At the end of our shift we took a picture with all of the full time staff and the other volunteers that were there. They were a pleasure to work with!

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