Washington D.C -Day One

When we first arrived in D.C I was extremely eager to get moving. This was my third time visiting D.C but I was so excited for this new experience and to see a side of D.C that tourists never get to see. After we got settled in our hotel we ate dinner down by china town at a bar/grill. It was awesome to get to know some of the ASB members that I had not had the chance to meet yet. We walked around D.C for a little while and stopped at a yummy coffee shop before heading back to the hotel.

The next morning we reported to YSOP and met a few of the women who would be working with us throughout the week. They gave us our schedules for the week, went through the rules and regulations, and gave us some really helpful information regarding poverty and homelessness in the D.C area. After they finished the orientation we split into smaller groups and departed for our first work sites. My group went to the Church of Bretheran where we cooked, prepared, and served a meal to anyone in need of one. We made green bean soup, chicken casserole, peanut butter cookies, creamed spinach and rolls. There were around 40 guests who came in for a meal that evening. Some of them brought their own containers so that they could take any leftovers with them as they left.

We had the opportunity to sit down and eat the meal with the guests. It was not my favorite dish but the cookies were pretty good :) It was interesting to sit with the guests and to hear them speak to one another. I could tell that most of them new each other and they made small talk as if they were sitting at a restaurant. Their was one women who collected everyone’s extra food so that she could feed it to her birds. She was very sweet.

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